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On Making Money


The topic of making money is always so charged with emotional energy. Even when I tweeted about it this morning people jumped to confirm that money is important but not really THAT important.

And I get that. I really do. So many of us have spent energy chasing the almighty dollar and come up feeling empty. Or we know people whose pursuit of the dollar leads them to using strategies and tactics that are just icky.

Great reasons to make sure we know that money takes a backseat to other things.

But here’s where I am now with money – and I thought it would be helpful to share: we all pretty much agree that money is energy, right? And that we have a relationship with money – whether we are aware of that relationship or not.

If those things are true, and I keep saying “money isn’t that important”, what does that invite into my world?

I mean let’s just say I was in a relationship with someone – be it friendship or love or whatever – and anytime anyone mentioned me they said “Oh Sarah? Yeah – she’s in my life but other stuff is WAY more important.”

Suffice it to say that I would dump their lame ass in a nano-second.

I’m not saying we need to sleep with money, or put our money relationship above all others. I’m simply saying that we need to have a warm comfortable relationship with it  – and with earning it, if we want it to hang around.

Some of us already have that – yay! But some of us are still trying to figure out how to make money while we execute our escape plan and we want to earn it in an un-mediocre way yes?

Well, I’d like to share some resources – paid and otherwise – to help with that.

First – and the most critical time-wise, is Chris Guillebeau’s Empire Builder’s Kit that is available today, May 18, ONLY. I give you an insider’s glimpse here if you want some help deciding if this is worthwhile for you. Pricing starts at $149 and you get a ton of strategic help. This is my affiliate link:

At the very least, download Chris’s free manifestos from his blog. They are EXCELLENT.

If you are a mom and an entrepreneur, I highly recommend MOMeo’s free Business In a Box which you can download here (it comes with some awesome bonuses, too!). Again, in the interest of full disclosure, this is also an affiliate link.

And if you want to connect the person who talks about money and the making of it in such a non-icky way, I invite you to connect with MY mentor, Andrea Lee. Her website is full of resources – free and not free – that are sure to shift your thinking about money in a very Escaping Mediocrity kind of way.

So there you are. My thoughts about making money and some resources to get us all started in making it in a way that feels true to who we are.

Would love to know your thoughts, ideas and recommended resources for The Tribe!

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