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Mark Silver & I Talk about the Future of Coaching Programs


I love talking to Mark Silver (@MarkHeartofBiz). He’s another person in my world who is SO much smarter than I am – and I just love the way he thinks.

He and I have been chatting via DM about the evolution of coaching – particularly the evolution of coaching programs.

Back in the dark ages there were only one-on-one sessions with coaches. Then coaching discovered some interesting models in the internet marketing world and the multi-week, large group coaching class developed. Then came the year-long mastermind or mentorship. Then came the six-figure year-long mastermind or mentorship program.

This evolution has given rise to a ton of confusion and a gazillion questions!

-Is a year-long mastermind program the best way to move my business forward?

-Can a shorter coaching program deliver the same kind of high-impact results as a long-term program?

– Is a large class led by a coach the best option for me considering where I am in my business?

– I can’t afford any of the really expensive options out there. What are my best options?

– What can I expect to happen for me in a year-long vs. a short-term coaching program?

And TONS more.

Mark and I decided it would be really fun to have a conversation about all of this and about which way the coaching pendulum is swinging right now.

And then we thought it would be even MORE fun if we invited YOU to join in that conversation! So, this coming Wednesday, October 19th at 2:30 EST/11:30 PST, we invite you to join

Mark & Sarah Talk about the Future of Coaching Programs (and how it impacts YOU)

Pop your name and email addy in the boxes below and we’ll zip out the call in info, along with a link to ask us your most pressing question about this topic.

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