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Hello! I’m Sarah Robinson and I truly believe each one of us has great purpose for our lives; talents and gifts we can offer the world (and the world needs these things!) My dream is to help entrepreneurs and professionals realize their great purpose and make their dreams a reality. I know what it takes to accomplish that because I’ve traveled the same road.

I’m a micropreneur coach & business strategist.
An independent coach and consultant for more than 10 years, I have dealt with the same challenges, questions and concerns people face about building their own business. The lessons I’ve learned during my own journey have made me a leading authority on personal and business change and help guide others through the grip of mediocrity to reaching their ultimate goals.

I’m a strategic & intuitive business advisor.
In today’s climate of “success at the expense of everything,” there is a growing group or “tribe” who feel drawn to the idea that we don’t have to settle for being like everyone else in order to be successful in our businesses or lives. I challenge others to find their own voice, stretch out, try new roles and create their own definition of success. I help them figure out what their business is, motivate them to make it better, and push them to stake a clear position in the marketplace.

I’m a teacher, speaker & instigator.
The framework I’ve built ~ through my Escaping Mediocrity blog, personal and group coaching programs, strategic consulting, teleclasses and live events ~ helps people create their own version of success and achieve their dreams. Never satisfied with the status quo, I use this framework to instigate change by starting crucial conversations and encouraging people to push, test and stretch their boundaries.

My aptly self-named “Hooligan Tribe” welcomes newcomers with open arms. This community includes literally thousands of entrepreneurs, artists, authors, parents and others who are learning to embrace change and use it to transform their lives. They are my “right” people, those with whom I most resonate and connect, and who inspired me to develop my first-ever live event, Creating Irresistible Presence, which was held in September 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia.

It was during this workshop that I first publicly introduced and taught my methodology for creating a meaningful, thriving and UN-mediocre business. And it was the planning and preparation for this live event that inspired me to launch the new Studio Irresistible Presence Mentorship program in October 2010 – an intensive 8-month mix of in-person group sessions, monthly group coaching calls, and one-on-one private coaching – all designed with the goal of gaining clarity, confidence and courage and translating that into cash flow for their businesses.

I’m a volunteer & an agent of change.
Charitable work is part of who I am; it’s in my DNA. My earliest involvement was when I moved to Memphis. I didn’t know anyone else in the area, so I started volunteering at Hands On Memphis, where I eventually wrote the founding grant that resulted in getting the seed money that helped the organization grow. That led to the opportunity to serve as executive director for the Alzheimer’s Association in Memphis. During my two years with the organization I created the Memory Walk event, recruited record numbers of volunteers, increased charitable donations by more than 400%, and positioned the association as the charity of choice for all major area hospitals.

I saw the powerful connection between being passionate about a charitable organization and being passionate about the financial support of that organization, and understood that both are mission critical. It was then that I became a fundraising trainer for non-profits – I just loved teaching people how to ask for money in a way that was very comfortable to them!

One of my recent forays into volunteering was with, when I became Twitter friends with John Haydon and Danny Brown. I was honored to spearhead their blogger outreach program.

And I’m super excited to have been selected earlier this year as a member of Seth Godin’s Domino Project Street Team! The Domino Project is named after the domino effect—one powerful idea spreads down the line, pushing from person to person. The Project represents a fundamental shift in the way books (and digital media based on books) have always been published. And I’m all about fundamental shifts!

I’m a seeker of knowledge & adventure.
I learn as much from my Hooligan Tribe as they learn from me (actually, sometimes more!). I trained as a coach with Martha Beck, the best-known life coach in America, New York Times bestseller and O Magazine columnist. I also spent more than 10 years performing on stage, as well as directing and teaching theatre arts. My unquenchable thirst for adventure led to my love of rock climbing, whitewater canoeing, and traveling throughout the U.S. and abroad. I live with my family (husband and two beautiful boys, along with our lab, Pepper) in Birmingham, Alabama.


My presentations resonate most with people who are ready to stop doing the ordinary and start building an extraordinary, UN-ordinary life and business! Some of the core topics I cover include:

Mediocrity ~ why some people “settle” and why you shouldn’t; the paradigm shift that has caused so many people to refuse to settle for average; is “escaping mediocrity” for everyone?

Change ~ the biggest challenges you’ll face when you’re ready to move beyond mediocrity; where to start once you’re ready; what roadblocks to look out for.

Resistance ~ how to reach your goals by breaking the shackles of what’s “comfortable”; surrounding yourself with a tribe of like-minded adventurers is a good thing!

Fear ~ how to overcome your own fears when you’re ready to escape mediocrity; how to help your family, friends, co-workers, and others understand what it means to escape mediocrity.


In my opinion, the most powerful and compelling thing about social media is how it levels the playing field. Before the advent of social media, the only real way to access or connect with people whose work resonated with me was to attend an event where they were, hope that I might get introduced to them, and that they might have time for a conversation.

Once social media came of the scene, all those barriers were removed. I connected to like-minded people, engaged in lively discussions with those of differing opinions, and quickly found my “tribe” and got to know they really well. I’ve also found that humor is a great connecting point ~ who doesn’t enjoy sharing a laugh?!

Honestly, Twitter and Facebook are like relationship rocket fuel, and that boost helps me deliver what I know is meaningful content to my tribe. I get instant feedback on my random trains of thought and they tell me what they want to hear more about. How awesome is that?! And, in the end, social media gives me the ability to help other people do more of their meaningful stuff. I find awesome blogs to comment on, cool stuff to retweet and share, and amazing people whose voices really need to be heard. For me, that’s what it’s all about ~ and it makes it an incredibly worthwhile investment.

Connect with me on Twitter: @SarahRobinson


The emails and comments I receive from the more than 2,000 members of my Hooligan Tribe ~ as well as the meaningful conversations we share ~ greatly influence what I deliver on my blog, in teleseminars and at live events. It’s their feedback that tells me whether I’m on the right track or if I need to adjust my course. They help me do my best work because they are my right people, and I’ve watched with great joy as members of this community have built friendships and deep connections with each other. And because they are my right people, I’m blown away when I receive testimonials and thanks from them.

More than 500 people signed up for 28 Days to Getting Your Sh*t Together, my latest FREE blog series that, as of mid-February, generated more than 300 comments.

If you want to know what my first live event, Creating Irresistible Presence 2010, was like (and what my live event in 2011 will bring), watch the video below. It was made by someone who attended the workshop, and I am honored and touched by it. And no, I didn’t write any of it. It will also give you a good idea about what my second live event, Creating Irresistible Presence 2011, will bring.


If you are lacking in any sort of clarity about what you’re meant to do with your business, who you’re meant to serve, come to Creating Irresistible Presence and work with Sarah! ~ Traci Love /

Working with Sarah has truly changed my life. She has an uncanny ability of knowing exactly what my next step needs to be and pushes me just far enough beyond my self-imposed comfort zone to find that irresistible presence that is mine alone. ~ Lori Latimer /

Sarah brings a deep knowledge of entrepreneurial life and has been instrumental in helping me design and implement the kind of life I want to live by incorporating work and non-work aspects while lovingly encouraging the right changes for me. If you get the chance to work with her, don’t miss it.
~ Richard A. Marti, Jr. /

Working with Sarah has dramatically changed my life and my business. Thanks to her, I found clarity. I’m now more focused, more confident and most importantly, more profitable!
~ Laura Scholz / Scholz Communications

Sarah was the boost that I needed to help me recognize the unique gift I bring to the world. Her ideas made me look at my business in a different way. Because of her work with me, I’m considering new income avenues and ways to outreach that I previously hadn’t. ~ Reese Spykerman / Design By Reese

Sarah knocked it out of the ballpark with Creating Irresistible Presence! She gives you the confidence and courage to go out and really do what you’re called to do.
~ Shannon Short / Girls Get Real

At Creating Irresistible Presence, there was a lot of opening up, a lot of heartfelt energy, and remarkable transformations. It’s helped me tremendously to see things that I need to do in my own life and business.
~ Brandon Sutton /


@ Creating Irresistible Presence 2010: Sarah’s motivational message that, in life and business, there are no small parts

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@ Blog World 2009: Sarah’s interview with Todd Creager, author of The Long Hot Marriage

@ Wicker Park Group Client Symposium: Sarah’s welcome/intro that set the tone and theme for the two-day event (Sarah was scheduled to moderate the event, but instead found herself in Russia finalizing the adoption of her new son!)

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Occasionally I offer free teleseminars on topics I think are important and worthwhile for my tribe. Here’s a sampling of some I’ve done in the past:

Click the link below to listen to “Tribal Call: How to Navigate all the Stuff Facebook Can Do,” a free teleseminar Sarah conducted with John Haydon

Click to hear Sarah’s “Tribal Call: How to Navigate all the Stuff Facebook Can Do”

Click the link below to listen to “Creating a Rock Solid Business Foundation,” a free teleseminar Sarah conducted with Allison Nazarian, Carla Young, and Elizabeth Marshall

Click to hear Sarah’s “Creating a Rock Solid Business Foundation” teleseminar

Click the link below to listen to “Kicking Your Stuck-ness to the Curb” with Jennifer Louden, author of The Woman’s Comfort Book

Click to hear Sarah’s “Kicking Your Stuck-ness to the Curb” teleseminar

Click the link below to listen to “The Dark Side of Changing Your Game,” Sarah’s presentation from her Game Changers Roundtable series.

Click to hear Sarah’s “The Dark Side of Changing Your Game” teleseminar


Sarah Robinson is available for online and in-person interviews, guest blogging and speaking engagements. Please send all media inquiries to [email protected]


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