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I missed playing Rock'em Sock'em Kung Fu Panda


I am a terrible mom.  My son asked me three times tonight to play Rock’em Sock’em Kung Fu Panda.  I kept saying I would and I didn’t.  I am the big loser in that equation because I actually LIKE this game.

In case you are wondering, Rock’em Sock’em Kung Fu Panda is an update of a game my brothers had when we were little.  Remember the commercial for Rock’em Sock’em Robots?  One players robot hit the other players robot just so, his head popped up and a little boy said “You knocked my block off!”.

Well, this is the same game except that in the place of robots, we have Po and Ti Lung. My son is ALWAYS Po (which is fine with me cuz I secretly think that Ti Lung is pretty sexy in all his evilness) and he says to me “I just want to whisper something in Ti Lung’s ear.”  He angles Po up to Ti Lung just so, clicks his controller, makes Po kick and BLAME! He knocked Ti Lung’s block off.

And I missed out on that tonight.  Why? Not that it really matters but I was deeply engrossed in trying to figure out a new Facebook thingy I wanted to use.  Can you imagine?!  I chose a Facebook widget over spending a great time with my son getting my block knocked off.

Tomorrow, I make better choices.

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