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A Missive from Cliff's Edge


I’m scared. And nervous. And excited.

The blood is starting rush to my head and my stomach is queasy.

And I’m starting to dance around a lot because I’ve got the jitters.

But mostly, I just can’t wait.

I’m standing at the edge of a cliff, ready to make the biggest leap of my life.  I’ve prepared for it. I’ve worked for it. I’m ready for it. (Well, some moments I feel ready for it. Other moments I think ” What WERE you thinking?!?!?!”)

For me, this is where raising my stakes has led me; the culmination of burning my ships.

My job between now and leaping is to go through the steps in my mind. Envisioning each step along the way. Each move. Each twist. This is how Olympians prepare. It’s also how Tony-award winning actors prepare.

It makes the difference between breath-taking and also-ran.

I’m all in.

Creating Irresistible Presence begins in Atlanta on 9.23.  You still have time to join us.

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