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Monday Afternoon Ark Project Update


Ok, I just checked the page and Change. org and added in our Canadian donations from Paypal.  Drumroll please………we now have 2 Sheep and 2 flocks of chicks residing in the Ark.  Hurray!!!!!  And we are very close to 2 beehives.  I feel like Noah counting 2 by 2…..:)

I want to thank the following people for making that happen:

Elizabeth Marshall –
Jayson Gaddis –
Michael Stammer –
Alicia Cohen – Look her up on Facebook!
Teresa Romain –
Janica Smith –
Gina Bell –
TheGirlPie – find her on twitter @TheGirlPie
Sandy Grason –
Lee Ann Price –
Erin Reynolds –
The Book Bug –

Remember, everyone can help by:
1) Using the links to make a small donation (ONLY Canadians use the Paypal link, ok?  It is set up for Canadian dollars)

2) Make a comment here for others to see

3) Let your network know via Twitter, Facebook, blogs, email, etc.

Stay tuned for more updates:)

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