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More on Generosity & What It Looks Like


So, I’m still pondering generosity and the great discussion we started on last week’s post.

And while I still have trouble describing what true generosity is, I absolutely know it when I see it. In that spirit, I thought I might share real live examples of walking generosity. The kind that surprises, delights, warms the soul, makes me beam, makes me cry and touches me in ways that leave me speechless. I can only hope to return such generosity through my own choices and actions.

(That, by the way, is how I know I am experiencing true generosity. The fake kind leaves me feeling confused, questioning myself, and with a bitter after taste.)

Generosity is:

– That uber-connected person who has a thousand things to do at BlogWorld or SXSW who takes the time to make sure I know about and have invitations to the most critical gatherings.

– That other uber-connected person who spends time with me every day at the above events introducing me and connecting me with people who I would have no other way of meeting.

– The super-busy person who runs an incredibly demanding business who took an entire day (or more) to answer all the comments and really engage with my audience when she/he  guest posted for me.

– The techno-whiz who makes a living building and fixing websites who offers to hop into the dashboard of my blog and fix a few things to make it better.

– The publishing genius who works with NYT best-selling authors who puts those skills on the table to help me strengthen my platform and my message.

– The design and branding genius who helps me sort out my thoughts and create high impact messaging. Gratis.

– The NYT best-selling author who actually reads my blog and my newsletter and constantly encourages me to keep doing more. And takes my phone calls.

– The other NYT best-selling author who believes I have what it takes to launch a speaking career and voluntarily brings  a ton of connections and relationships to the table on my behalf.

– The bloggers and experts who believe in me enough to interview me and share what I have to say with their communities.

– Everyone who helps create the Escaping Mediocrity community by commenting, engaging, and discussing here and on other social media platforms. You’re busy and yet you make the time to do this.

This is just the beginning of a VERY long list. But I’d like to turn the floor over to you. Share an example of walking, talking generosity in your world. 🙂

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