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My Word for 2011


My word for 2010 was courage. It dominated everything. Found me in strange ways. And got itself incorporated into just about everything I did.

And I do still love the word. Courage. Courageous. Summons up all kinds of delicious images. I thought it would be my word for 2011, too. But, alas, that is not to be.

Another beautiful, captivating word has edged into my conversations, my coaching and, yeah, just about everything.

The word is: effortless.

Expect to hear a lot from me about this word in the coming months.

And lest there be any confusion, to me, “effortless” doesn’t mean “no work”. It means being in the flow so the work doesn’t feel like pushing a stone uphill.

And, while it can’t be forced, or willed, or worked on, it has to be uncovered, discovered, found and honored.

Does that make any sense?

So if I’m choosing effortless as my word (or did it choose me?), what word will you choose for 2011?

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