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You Complete Me


I got halfway through writing a blog post about yet *another* over-the-top example of bad behavior that happened last night. I was going to link to a hideous blog post and even to a screen capture of it for you in case the blogger decided to take it down.

I just deleted it.

Why? Because a handful of the core members of my very wise tribe did something AMAZING (as you always do). You reminded me that the world is filled with beautiful, generous, sparkling people who go over the top in getting it right – or at least trying to get it right – every single day.

Which group would I rather give my focus, my time, my energy and my talent to today?

The answer was easy and automatic. YOU. 🙂

See – you are the ones who restore my faith that it’s all going to be okay and that there really are people who valueholdinghands conducting themselves and treating others with kindness and respect – no matter what the situation.

Just as a small example – in the comments of Monday’s post a polite debate happened with two people who had very different opinions and viewpoints. Each expressed themselves clearly and firmly but never once resorted to low blows or making the other person feel “less than”.  A beautiful demonstration of strength and civility.

I want to give my best to THAT – not the mean, rude, crude, ill-mannered people.

So, here is the lesson for me today: there is a difference between saying something I HAVE to say and something I WANT to say.  I don’t have to say everything I want to say. In fact, it is probably best if I don’t.

You complete me and I am so much better for it. 🙂

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