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Online Relationships Can Transform Your Business. Really.


Earlier this morning, I put a call out on Twitter and Facebook for real-life examples of how relationships that began in those spaces evolved into something that changed a business and/or a life.

I asked because I am INTENSELY interested in the power relationships have to completely shift a person into high gear. And I could talk about it forever, but that would get rather dull, now wouldn’t it?!

Giving you REAL examples from REAL people with REAL businesses is a much more interesting picture. So, here are the responses people shared with me:

lisarobbinyoung@SarahRobinson In 2009 alone, $30k revenue directly from twitter. Still tabulating 2010, plus awesome relationships, connections, etc.
katjaib Impact of social relationships @SarahRobinson? For me, 7 new coaching clients in 1 month… all via twitter, no promo, no website.

Jennifer Linnell Fong I got my first speaking gig on Twitter, which led to my entire business!

jenlouden @SarahRobinson teaming up with@spiver &@pattidighto do writing workshop – next one this fall.
daniellemmiller@SarahRobinson meeting and connecting w/ShannonCherry was truly biz (& life) changing 4 me; she helped me figure wth I was doing, she’s been a mentor, friend, colleague, sister and cheerleader.
genuinechris@SarahRobinson… <—check that out. ;-). that’s your last call. ;-).
AmyOscar @SarahRobinson I found authors and editors and friends here on Twitter. Each has touched my life in some way. Some profoundly.
FrankDickinson@SarahRobinson I met@DannyBrown here. I know write for his For Bloggers By Bloggers = transformational for me and my biz.
Lori Burford Sauerwein I met Jen Fong and she in turn helped my company develop and execute our social media strategy.
lindaAWI @SarahRobinson Made valuable friend-have met F2F & he’s an awesome mentor who is being gr8 friend as well as wise advisor!
andreapatten @SarahRobinson Ths is where I found @TheGoldenRuleVA ~ Best assistant (virtual or otherwise) ever. Creates systems tht allow me freedom
DaffronMkt @sarahrobinson Jodi’s Law NY Times article due to relationships here! 12for12k is helping me launch our first fundraiser@dannybrownrocks
and what he’s doing to improve other’s quality of life. It’s organic and feels like something even I can do!
sandalwoodpics@SarahRobinson our chat last week helped encourage me to not give up on my dream of being a photographer despite challenges in front of me.


Pretty awesome, isn’t it? So many businesses and lives changed by relationships that started out online. Who’d a thunk it?!

The problem is lots of people have a ton of friends and followers online, but they have no idea how to easily take them to the next level.

Because this idea is so rich, I am holding a conference call to talk more about it. AND I’ve asked some business owners I know (Not big famous name people. People who just run really great businesses) to stop by and share their best online business relationship building tips.

The Business Power of Online Relationships Call

The Call is over – but here is the recording!!

AND – my powerful course “Building Meaningful Online Relationships (that support your meaningful work)” closes TONIGHT (Friday, April 8) at 11:59 pm EST. Click here to grab your seat before they go poof!

The Business Power of Online Relationships Call


Talk then!!

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