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Why I Use


The short answer: to build relationships.

The long answer:, and those who use it, takes a lot of heat sometimes. It clogs the tweetstream. It links to irrelevant content. It doesn’t drive traffic to my site. I don’t need more links to more random stuff. etc.

And maybe some, or all, of those things are true. But here is one thing it does do:  it allows me to share interesting people and their interesting content with those who follow me. And I think that makes it worthwhile.

Here’s a newsflash: everything I do on twitter doesn’t directly benefit me. Nor should it. That’s like going to a cocktail party and being “that guy” who talks about himself the whole night. Yack.

And here’s the other thing. lists some of the contributors in the tweet it sends out about my newspaper. If that is the only thing others see, that’s awesome, because they may connect with someone they didn’t know before.

It’s all about relationships.

If you’d like to dabble with, here are a couple of things I do to keep mine valuable (and as unannoying as possible):

1) I built a specific Escaping Mediocrity list for to pull my content from. At first I didn’t do this and the content was being randomly pulled from over 11,000 people. So yeah, it was pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Now I am focused on sharing the content of people I believe have something to say about the EM journey. And I change up the list all the time so there are always fresh voices.

2) I time my to go out later at night so it doesn’t clog the “biz hours” of twitter. I think I may change it to go out just a tad earlier, but I will still keep it out of prime time. may be a flash-in-the-pan kind of fad. But all for any fad that helps me share awesome people and awesome content as long as it isn’t annoying or lame.

What are your thoughts on

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