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Pimp Your Blog & Share Your Link Love


As you all already know, I have super smart friends. They come up with amazing ideas all the time. And today I am stealing one of them. 🙂

Recently Danny Brown, Gini Dietrich and Cameron Herold invited readers to pimp their blogs in the comments of their blogs. I KNOW you all have amazing blogs because I’ve seen and read most of them.

Now is your chance to share your brilliant work with everyone here and get some new readers!

Here how it will work. In the comments below, include the following:

1. The blog’s name and link

2. A one sentence description about why someone should read your blog.

3. Your full name

4. Your Twitter handle (if you have one)

As an alternative, if you don’t have a blog, give us one blog you love to read in the comments.

Go ahead! Pimp your blog!

I can’t WAIT to see them all – YAY!!

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