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Playing Small Serves None of Us


As most of you know, I’ve just returned from Ali Brown’s Online Success Blueprint.  My expectations for this event were high – I signed up last February and counted the days until it was time to go.  My friends Alicia Forest – and Elizabeth Marshall – were going and I knew that spending time with them was going to mean big things for this new venture of mine. 

I just didn’t realize how big.

If you scorll though the posts here, it won’t take you very long to figure out that I’ve really been struggling with the laser-focus of this blog.  Because Andrea Lee  – – taught me long ago not to let the little things stop me, I just kept designing and writing hoping that the clarity would come.

I arrived in LA with some vague notion that this blog could be a fun hip place for moms like me to hang out and talk about interesting things – not exactly compelling.  After listening to Ali and going around and around and around with Alicia and Liz, I realized it was meant tome something much much bigger – though I still wasn’t clear exactly what.

The God put Kendall Summerhawk – – in a seat next to me.  It seems that between my two friends, they knew everyone in the room – lucky me!  Kendall was not only affirming of me and the size of what I wanted to do, she asked me two or three questions that led to the ultimate answer for The Maverick Mom.  And it is much much MUCH bigger than anything I was thinking of.

This will serve as a gathering place for moms who are tired of being judged as bad moms because we want a successful business and as bad business women because we want to be successful moms.  And, it will still be fun and hip, too.:)

Tomorrow I am going to post a movie that I thought I made for a completely different thing.  Clearly the Universe was way ahead of me because I made it just for this.

I keep repeating “Playing small serves none of us.  Playing small serves none of us.  Playing small serves none of us.” 

I just can’t wait to get this thing going and I invite you to join me in Playing Bigger Than You Imagined!!!

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