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Portrait of a Crazymaker


Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s the recent full moon. Maybe it is the rapidly approaching All Hallows Eve.

Whatever it is, Crazymakers seem to be roaming around in droves these days. I’ve seen them online, in Vegas – just about everywhere I’ve been lately. Which is making me crazy – go figure.

I first read the word Crazymaker in one of my all-time favorite books, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. In it, she says that Crazymakers are addicted to drama and if there isn’t any around, they will create some – at someone else’s expense. They are walking storm centers, sucking energy from the people around them, only happy when all eyes are on them.

They are also VERY charismatic, often charming and incredibly interesting. Which is how we get sucked in.

In case you are unfamiliar with who or what a Crazymaker is, I’ll sketch out a composite for you. Then, the next time you are near one, you’ll know why you feel so crappy and you can RUN!

– Crazymakers cannot abide or respect a schedule – least of all yours. “What do you mean you can’t talk to me RIGHT NOW? I know I canceled our last two appointments but that has nothing to do with this.”

– Crazymakers expect special treatment. They expect free tickets and free coaching. They suffer from terminal uniqueness – terminal to you. They demand more than anyone else and expect their needs to be at the tip top of your list – especially above your own.

– Crazymakers discount your reality. No matter what boundaries you set or how important your project, a crazymakers believes the rules do not apply to them. “I know you said you needed to focus right now, but I just have this one question.”

– Crazymakers make others feel small. When faced with someone who has the success (in business or in life) they believe they should have and don’t, they proceed to find fault with everything about that person and his or her accomplishments.

– Crazymakers are expert saboteurs. Got a big presentation?  The night before, a Crazymaker will say “You look so tired. Do you think they will notice?”  “Everyone is saying that the way you are doing that will never work.” “I don’t know… you think it’s wise to buck the system?” “I’m telling you this for your own good.”

ACK! Never buy into a Crazymaker’s thinking. Never believe what they say. In fact, don’t even get into a conversation with one because they will masterfully reel you into their high-drama world.

Just RUN!

I’m betting you have some additions to make to the Portrait of a Crazymaker – which I really hope you will make in the comments. 🙂


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