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Product Review: My Precious Kids Car Seat Tag


I am always on the lookout for “uncommon” products that make me feel like a better mom. I rarely find them, but that doesn’t stop me from looking for them.:)

Lucky me stumbled upon My Precious Kids and their car seat ID tag.  As I read the instructions I could feel some of the “mommy guilt” start to fade away. This small simple tag lets you be a great parent, even when you aren’t around.

Here’s what it does:

There is a small card that you fill out with your child’s info, photo, fingerprint and doctor’s info. There is also a Medical release you can sign that allows necessary medical treatment should you not be available to give permission.

Doesn’t sound like much until you imagine a couple of scenarios: 1) You are in an accident with your child in the car. You are unconscious and your child need immediate medical attention. Or 2) Your child (and their car seat) is on a field trip or with another family and they are in an accident. Time is of the essence in providing care to your child.

This card gives medical rescue professionals EXACTLY the information they need to treat your child immediately no matter what.

There are a ton of other super-smart safety products on their website, so check them out:

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