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The ROI of Relationships


Someone asked me to explain “the point” of social media the other day. I thought for just a moment and replied “It’s about building relationships.” “And what is the point of that?” came the skeptical retort. “Well, no matter what you are selling, you are in the business of relationships. If you don’t think you are, you’re business isn’t going to be around for very long.”

For those of you who have signed up for my “3 Keys for Kicking Up Your Maverick Mojo” you know that one of the most critical Keys is called “It’s All About Relationships”. I passionately believe that if we are going to succeed in today’s economy, it won’t be because of whatever fabulous product or service we offer, it will be because of our ability to foster truly meaningful relationships.

How do we do that? It starts with a true desire to be of service. Does a client or even a competitor have a problem you can solve? Or perhaps you know someone who can help them solve it? Step in and offer to be of help, even if it doesn’t make you a penny. The deposit you just made in the relationship bank will reap huge dividends in the future.

I’ve had clients do this and then they’ve gotten calls “out of the blue” from the people they helped that led to very lucrative business transactions.  A coincidence? No – it’s just an example of the ROI of Relationships.

Because I am so committed to doing business this way and because I can’t ever learn enough about how to do it better, I am thrilled that the theme of SOBCon09 is “The ROI of Relationships”. An incredible panel of speakers will teach what they know and then we, the attendees, get to put our knowledge into action on a live project. Sound like fun, yes?! I’m going and hope to see you there!


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