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About Sarah Robinson

Thanks for clicking the URL in my Twitter profile – let me give you a little background on who I am and what I’m about.

My name is Sarah Robinson and I’m the blogger behind Escaping Mediocrity and my @SarahRobinson Twitter account.

You can read a little more about how I got to this place on my About page – but before you go there, I’d like to share just a glimpse of who I am and where I am going.

I’m a 46 year old American living in Birmingham Alabama. I am married and have a seven year old little boy, The Young Turk and 2 year old little boy, The Mini-Turk. I am a small business strategist, though my passion is this blog, which I started in November 2008.

The Escaping Mediocrity Blog

The Escaping Mediocrity is a blog about just that – escaping mediocrity in business and in life. I started it because I’d gotten so frustrated with the monochromatic nature that online businesses seem to have developed lately. Same language, same newsletter layouts, same marketing strategies, same slapped on happy face and same inflated claims of success.

Little did I know that so many people out there are hungry for the same candor and honesty about business – and life – that I am. An amazing community, or tribe as I like to call it, is developing here and I must say they are among the smartest, brightest and bravest people I’ve ever met – online or off.

So, this blog is about telling the truth and sharing ideas, thoughts and strategies based on real life and real business.  I challenge myself everyday to find a way to “escape mediocrity” and I hope to give my readers the inspiration and practical strategies to do the same.

This blog covers everything from:

Just reading this stuff won’t help you start your adventures in escaping mediocrity, but I’m hoping it will inspire you to start hatching your own escape plans.

If you’d like to journey with me here at Escaping Mediocrity please subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed or subscribe to my newsletter, Escape Notes.

Sarah Robinson on Twitter

You obviously have an interest in Twitter because you’ve clicked through on my Twitter Profile link. I’d love to
connect with you there via my @SarahRobionson twitter account.

If you follow me you’ll be privy to lots of things. Firstly, you’ll be a part of Hooligan Tribe – which means you’ll laugh a lot and you might even spit your beverage of choice all over your computer screen. You’ll also hear about the adventures of my son, The Young Turk, as he makes his way though life.  I’ll share an Escaping Mediocrity thought, tip or quote from time to time along with what I might be reading or links to my favorite resources and/or people. You’ll also get links to my latest blog posts.

Read My Story

I’ve just scratched the surface here – but I’ve written up an extended version of my Escape Plans which will give you an inside view of what I’m thinking about as I plot my adventures.

Connect with Me

Thanks for visiting with me – if you’ve not already don’t forget to follow me on Twitter so we can interact there.

I’m also relatively active on other social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Stuff I’m Up To:

I’ve got two things going on that might interest you.

First, my latest course Building Meaningful Online Relationships (that support your meaningful work). I’ve been very, very blessed by the relationships I’ve developed online and have moved many of them offline into mutually supportive friendships. Want to learn how to do that for your business? Read more about how I might be able to help you here.

Second, my annual live event, Creating Irresistible Presence. I bring an intimate group of 50 attendees and hand-selected speakers together to reveal, hone and sharpen your most precious business asset – you and all your unique glory. This year, we will gather at The Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta, GA Sept. 29, 30 and Oct. 1. You can read more about it here.