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An Escaping Mediocrity Self-Test


So I started thinking over the weekend about how we know we are on the path to Escaping Mediocrity. As I’ve said many times, it is easy and even sexy to say “Hell yeah – I’m all about escaping mediocrity!”. It’s quite another to put your shoulder to it and actually start making it happen.

So, I started making a checklist of questions to ask myself. Then I thought it would be a cool self-test. THEN I thought, I wonder what other questions The Tribe would add to make this a kickass self-test?

So here’s what I am going to do: I will list a nine of the questions I came up with. In the comments you can a) give me feedback on them b) answer them or c) add questions of your own. ( I REALLY hope you go for “c”!)

So here we go:

Questions To Help You Decide If You Are REALLY Up For the Escaping Mediocrity Adventure:

#1 – Am I willing to have “beginner’s mind” and not have all (or act like I have) all the answers?

#2 – Am I willing to say what I really think and feel even if it will pi** off some people?

#3 – Am I willing to have my own opinions about how to set up and run my business?

#4 – Am I willing to step away from so-called gurus and trust my own instincts?

#5 – Am I willing to take responsibility for charting my own course to success instead of blindly following others?

#6 – Am I willing to consider that there is more than one, two or even three ways to get where I want to go?

#7 – Am I willing to seek wise counsel from those I admire, respect and trust?

#8 – Am I willing to stay the course during some REALLY tough times?

#9 – Am I willing to drop the mask and be vulnerable in my business and my life?

This list is certainly not complete because it doesn’t include any of the questions you would ask. So hop on into the comments cuz you know I can’t wait to see what you will add. 🙂

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