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So….what are you working on?


It’s the first business day of 2011. Time to make tracks. And even though both my children are still home (school starts tomorrow), I’m working on several projects today between un-decorating, playing and cleaning up.

(I can either use this stuff as excuses not to do anything at all or I can take the small actions that time allows me to take. If I want an un-mediocre year, there’s really only one option.)

So here’s what I’m up to:

1) Writing this blog post. Because I post on Mondays.

2) Crafting an email to the amazing people who attended my live event last September, giving them the details of this year’s event. I’ll be announcing it to this list in about two weeks and then to the public shortly after that.

3) Finishing up the sign up page for something super fun and free that I’m putting together for you. You can look for that later this week.

If I get these three things done, I’m calling it a win.

So….what are you working on today?

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