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Social Media Overload


It makes my head hurt.

Twitter. Facebook. Google Plus. Klout Plus. Empire Avenue. Posterous. And the list goes on and on and on.

We’re told we need to be all these places. But my questions are 1) How do I do all that and RUN my business? and 2) WHY do I have to be all those places?

I’ve tried. Really. I’m a Twitter junkie. Everyone knows that. And I’m dabbling around on Facebook, which I’m starting to get the hang of (I know, late-bloomer.). And I started on Google Plus when it first came out. And a ton of the cool kids say it is THE place to be. But I just don’t get it.

And it seems I’m not the only one feeling pulled in too many directions. Last week, Hugh McLeod (@gapingvoid) announced that he’s giving up social media all together so he can focus on his blog. I’m betting we’re going to see more of this and the overwhelm of social media begins to take its toll.

As entrepreneurs, we only have so much bandwidth and much of what’s available MUST go into the actual running of our businesses. Otherwise, we lose ourselves in tweeting, liking, plusing, etc. – which is awesome – don’t get me wrong. But it doesn’t pay the bills.

So how do we make good choices about where to put our time in the world of social media?

For me, I pay attention to where my audience hangs out. And by audience, I mean the people who read and comment on my blog and the people who are my clients. Not my peers, not my friends (though playing with them on social media is WAY fun). But the people I want to do business with.

This isn’t fool-proof and I’m still working out what this is actually going to look like in my daily online interactions. But at least it’s a start. 🙂

Because social media overwhelm and burnout is a mounting problem, I’m super excited to be part of a proposed SXSWi panel to talk more about it.You can take a look at what we’ll be discussing and vote for our panel here:

What about you? Do you feel burned out on social media? What are your biggest challenges around managing it? What are your best solutions for managing it?

As always, I’m intensely curious about you and your thoughts. :-0







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