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Social Media Telesummit 2009


This event is one of the few multi-day virtual events I really look forward to.  This year’s is especially exciting, not just because I’ve been invited to speak but because I will be on the line listening to every single speaker!  My friend Leesa Barnes has put together a roster of social media superstars and I don’t want to miss a single word any of them have to say!

Seems Leesa herself feels the same way about it herself! See, Leesa is considered a social media expert. She’s written a book, has been nominated for social media awards and continues to influence many with her ideas.

But, I have a secret to share with you… Leesa doesn’t “get” social bookmarking, a social media strategy.

I’m serious. Here’s a social media expert who doesn’t quite understand how social bookmarking can boost her business.

So, Leesa has invited Maria Reyes-McDavis aka the Web Success Diva to present on this very topic at the 2009 Social Media Telesummit. Maria will share with you how to use social bookmarking to:

* How to implement a social bookmarking strategy for your blog and/or website that will save you time, effort, and headaches

* What social booking is and why you should even care

* The #1 mistake to avoid in your social bookmarking strategy that could cost you your reputation and online rankings.

 Maria’s session is just one of the many sessions you’ll hear at the 2009 Social Media Telesummit, an 8 day virtual event taking place entirely over the phone from January 21-30, 2009. Check for all the details.

Hurry! There are only 247 seats available and once the sessions start on January 21st, the doors close. Go to to grab your seat.

Can’t wait for this!

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