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Stop Stalling and Get in the Game!


So, to continue our conversation about making money, where and how do we start to do that?

I wish there were a magic formula I could give you. But I really don’t know any. (Btw -there are ton of people selling very expensive “formulas”. Proceed with caution on those.)

An besides, looking to others like they hold some magic key that unlocks the door to your fortunes is the fastest way to get bogged down in uncertainty and mediocrity. Sure, there are some basic strategies you need to know to build a solid business and they can be had pretty inexpensively.

But here’s the thing, reading and theorizing about business ideas and strategies will do you NO good if you don’t get out there and a) find your voice and b) build your tribe (in that order).

So many people I talk to are choking on the whole getting out there and developing a voice. For some reason, there is this idea floating around that you can get it perfectly right the first time out. And so lots of people are waiting for that perfection to arrive before attempting anything.

Guess what?

It doesn’t work that way. Some gurus may tell you it does. They are lying.

Everyone successful person I know and whom I admire used this amazingly complex strategy: they just started. They didn’t know if what they were doing was perfect. They didn’t know exactly what they were doing. They didn’t know the end game. But they started anyway.

And that is the magic key.

Get your blog up and running. Use It’s free and has lots of free themes. If you want to purchase a theme that give you more oomph, I highly recommend Headway, but a paid theme is not necessary to begin.

Choose a name. Don’t get hung up on the “perfect” name. I thought I had the perfect name and then changed it seven months later. I survived.

Choose what you want to write about. The only requirement is that you are passionate about it. If, a few months down the road, you decide that you’ve chosen something that isn’t getting it, you can change it. I did that, too. And survived.

And it really really helps to know who it is you are writing for. It will help you focus your writing. Again, the first time out, I thought I had this nailed. Seven months later, I changed it. And I survived.

(As a side note – when I changed it, I wasn’t sure exactly who I was writing for. I don’t recommend this route though unless you can’t avoid it.)

So get out there! Try something! It is the ONLY way you will find your voice. And once you find it, your tribe will find you. It just works like that.

What are you going to do to get this thing off the ground?

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