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Creating an Irresistible Presence Starts with an Irresistible Brand! [Day 9 – 30 Days to CIP]

July 9th, 2010

This is Day 9 of 30 Days to Creating Irresistible Presence.  On Wednesday, Elizabeth Marshall gave us four ways to STAND OUT as a messenger/author w/ a powerful message. Today, Lou Bortone rounds out our week beautifully as he gives us some great ways to build an Irresistible Brand (what we all want, right?!) and some AWESOME action steps for maximizing online video branding. Great stuff!!

Creating an Irresistible Presence Starts with an Irresistible Brand!

By Lou Bortone @loubortone

Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.” – Robert Frost

Today’s theme song: “What’s love got to do with it?” – Tina Turner

Ah, to be irresistible…  To have that certain something that makes you impossible to resist.  Call it charisma, call it personality, call it attraction, allure, appeal… By any name it’s something we all long for.  Yet, when it comes to creating an irresistible presence in business, it’s something that can be elusive.

To develop an irresistible presence, you first must build an irresistible brand.  I know, easier said than done, right?   But the rewards of having an irresistible brand are well worth the effort.  A strong brand makes you unique and memorable, and helps you stand out and be heard in a sea of wanna-be’s and copycats.

So where do you begin your quest to build an irresistible brand?  A catchy slogan? A kick-ass website?  A cool logo?  A fabulous Facebook fan page?  Sure, those are all necessary ingredients, but they are only building blocks to developing a compelling brand.

Many small businesses have it backwards.  They rush to put up a website and have a logo designed, only to realize later that they have left out a crucial step:  How to distinguish themselves from their competition with a strong brand.

Oftentimes, entrepreneurs will contact me about creating a video to market their business, when they have yet to even define their brand.  While online video is an excellent tool for building a brand, you’ve got to have your foundation already in place.

Fortunately, as a “Book Yourself Solid” Certified Coach, I use some of Michael Port’s tried and true principles to help entrepreneurs create breakthrough brands that help them stand out from the crowd.  Here is the five step system I use when helping clients to create an irresistible brand:

  1. Develop a “who & do what” statement – The “who” is your target market and the “what” is the primary benefit they get from you.  For example, my “who and do what” is: “I help entrepreneurs build breakthrough brands on the Internet so that they can get more clients!”Whereas, my Uncle Vito’s might be “I help deadbeat debtors find their checkbooks so nobody gets hurt.” You get the idea…
  2. Define your “why you do it” statement – The “why” is the reason you do what you do.  It’s what you stand for.  It’s important because it’s what will attract the right clients to you. My “why” is: “Turning struggling entrepreneurs into Online Rock Stars!”  Uncle Vito’s why is to make sure his boss gets paid by any means necessary. To each his own!
  3. Focus on building relationships – Social networking and video are similar in that they are tools to help build relationships on the web.  You gotta give before you get!  Engage, contribute, share… Build your social capital and work on developing trust and credibility. When you put relationships first, social media can become a great resource for developing your online brand.
  4. Maximize social media and online video – Entrepreneurs can rapidly accelerate the branding process by using social media and online video strategically.  Make every tweet count.  And don’t stop with Twitter and Facebook.  Video is social, too! For example, YouTube has become an enormously powerful business tool for creating connections, demonstrating your expertise and enhancing your online visibility.
  5. Use Online Video to stand out and be noticed – As a long-time “video guy,” I’m especially partial to video as a resource to break out of the pack and be noticed.  Online Video builds an immediate connection and makes you memorable.  It enhances your online visibility and it works for you world-wide, 24/7.  Online Video is quickly becoming the ultimate brand-builder.

In fact, video is my favorite tool for creating and irresistible brand.  So, to help encourage you to take action and get started, I’ve listed five simple ways to tackle video marketing today:

5 Easy Ways to Take Action Now with Online Video Branding:

Pick the Low Hanging Fruit – Start with the easiest way to record a quick video.  Fire up your webcam and record a brief, 30-second welcome message for your website visitors.  Tell them who you are and how you can help them.  Keep it short and simple.  Done is better than perfect!  Repeat as necessary.

Got 12 seconds? – Good. Then go to and open a free account.  Turn on your webcam and talk for 12 seconds – no more, because that’s all they give you! is like Twitter for video. Brevity is a must; so just record a quick hello or a brief tip. Congratulations, you’ve done a video!  You can even share your 12 second video masterpiece to YouTube or social media sites.

I Stream, You Stream – We all stream at Ustream!  Video streaming, that is – also known as live webcasting., another free web resource, makes it possible for you to have your own web TV channel in a matter of minutes.  Open an account, grab your trusty webcam, and you can shoot video live and on the fly.  When you’re ready for viewers, Ustream lets you tweet your broadcast link to Twitter faster than you can say “Action!”

Flip Out – If you’re out and about or on the go, portable pocket cameras like the popular Flip Video camera make video a snap.  The Flip camera couldn’t possibly be any easier to use, and they’re fun, convenient and affordable.   For an even easier mobile solution, check your phone!  Many mobile phones have a video function, with Apple’s iPhone to be leading the way.  On my iPhone, I can now shoot, edit and upload video to YouTube in a flash. Amazing!

Camera shy? Not quite ready for your close-up?  That’s fine, because you can still create your own video message with little more than text and photos at  Animoto makes video quick and painless.  Just upload a few photos, add a bit of text, select some music from Animoto’s diverse collection, and you’re good to go!  Animoto does all the techie stuff, so you can have your own video montage in moments.

Now you’ve got no excuse not to revitalize your brand with online video!  Remember, with an irresistible brand, you’ve got the foundation for an irresistible presence.  And you gotta love that!

Lou Bortone is an Online Branding Specialist and video pro who helps entrepreneurs and coaches build breakthrough brands on the Internet, so they can have more visibility, credibility and profitability.  Lou’s clients get more business and make more money, because Lou assists them with innovative online branding strategies, including social media marketing and online video consulting.

Lou is a former television executive who worked for E! Entertainment Television and Fox in Los Angeles.  He is also an author and ghostwriter of six business books, a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and a Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach.

Lou’s signature programs include “Online Branding Blueprint,” and “Video in a Day!”  His website is at


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