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Taking a Stand or Playing For All It's Worth


I’ve been VERY pissy lately. I’ve lost my temper with the wrong people (and apologized), fallen into a pattern of complaining about what other people are doing, and generally considering getting a job flipping burgers wearing my Ipod headphones.

As I’ve been writing and planning and asking you questions about the future of Escaping Mediocrity, my attitude has gotten increasingly worse.

I was sick of being around me but couldn’t figure out what on earth was wrong.

And then it clicked today. There is something I haven’t been saying. And holding that sh*t in is the surest way to make me pissy.

So, for the sake of the mailman, my dog and the lady who runs the corner market, I’m going to say something that I’ve needed to say to myself and to you for quite some time:

Take a Stand.

Here’s what I know about that: Escaping Mediocrity is getting ready to take a much bolder, much bigger stand in the world. There is no way around it. I’m raising the stakes here and playing for all it’s worth.

Up until now, I’ve tried to make what I talk about “more palatable” and “easy to consume” because I didn’t want people to think I was asking too much or that I didn’t understand that it can be really really hard. I’ve left the focus here intentionally vague because I thought that would include a bigger group of people.

But here’s the thing: Escaping Mediocrity DOES demand a lot. And it IS really really hard sometimes. Pretending that it isn’t and talking about it in any other way doesn’t serve anyone.

And being vague just means everything here is muddy and unfocused. Which doesn’t do much to help people play for bigger stakes. Talk about bigger stakes yes. But actually go out into the world and play for them? Not so much.

I mean, we can talk about the things we talk about and we can all agree that these are good idea or challenging ideas or whatever. And we can talk about this thing or that thing that we might try differently. And then all gather round, sing Kumbaya and continue living the lives we’ve been living.

But I fiercely believe we are meant for so much more than that.

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. – Henry David Thorea

And, considering the state of the world, I believe that “mass” is on the increase.

People are uncertain. People are afraid. People are lost.

And time is not standing still.

The world is looking for  – no, desperate for those who are willing to dare greatly. To light the path. To show the way. Not later, not when the timing is better, but NOW.

I believe the world is looking for YOU.

This fierce belief has created a new vision for Escaping Mediocrity and it looks something like this:

Escaping Mediocrity will equip you and inspire you to dare greatly, play for bigger stakes, be the trailblazer through murky and uncertain territory that others desperately want to follow. I want you to be bold and passionate about DOING what only you can do in this world. I’ll be talking a lot about how all this intertwines with entrepreneurship, mainly because I believe that entrepreneurs will lead the world out of it’s current mess.

(Yes, I know this isn’t a well-crafted “Vision Statement” and that it’s a bit unruly. But did you actually expect anything else?)

There is no room or time for delay, excuses, & rationalizations in all of this. Not for me. Not for you.

Time and tide wait for no man. ~Geoffrey Chaucer

Raise your stakes. Take your stand. Right now. Right where you are.

Don’t get caught up in second guessing whether it is the “right” stand. That part isn’t nearly as important as the fact that you stake your claim to doing something that changes peoples lives. Shift your focus to those who can only hear what you have to say. They are waiting for you.

Amaze them.

Lift them up.

Help them solve their problems.

And for god’s sake, quit staring at your belly button coming up with reasons why you can’t or the timing isn’t right or you don’t know how or you don’t have the money.

These are minor challenges that can be solved. Solving them may make you uncomfortable but I don’t know any world-changing leader who doesn’t live in that uncomfortable place.

I will say this again: the world needs you to be big and bold and strong. Not later, not when you’ve figured it out, not when it feels easier. NOW.

The tribe that gathers here at Escaping Mediocrity has accomplished amazing things in one short year. I believe that our greatest days are still ahead. We have the power to make a huge difference if we gather our strength and collectively decide we will lead others through these dark and tumultuous times.

If you think you aren’t up to it, you are wrong. You are already doing it in big and small ways. I know because I watch you. 🙂

So today’s the day. Are you in or are you out?

If you are in (and I REALLY hope you are), I will be offering up not only motivation and ideas here, but also very practical strategies for starting and running a business that speaks to your highest calling AND speaks to others who are casting about for a leader they can pin their hopes on. In short – a business that can change the world.

It’s time. We can do this. I believe it with all that I am. And deep down, so do you.

Take Your Stand.

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