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The Secret to Happiness


(This was my newsletter article last Thursday. I got so many emails from people who really enjoyed it that I thought I would share it with everyone. Not a newsletter subscriber? Handle that here:

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of the Happiness Research that’s being published. There is a wealth of insight into what makes us tick as human beings AND into what we need to do to incorporate happiness into our business models.

My biggest takeaway from the research, and the thing I am focusing on is this fact:

More than money, more than the pursuit of pleasure, it is connection and engagement that most impacts our feelings of happiness.

For me that means that:

1)  I feel happiest when I feel connected and engaged with others.

2)  My clients feel happiest when they are connected and engaged both with me and with each other.

3)  My community feels happiest when we are all connected and engaged with each other.

A big part of my job, then, is to facilitate this connection and engagement. Yay! I love adding this to my job description!

I’ll be rolling out opportunities to connect and engage with me and with each other throughout 2012, starting with my Annual February Guest Blog Series. This year’s theme is Building Fierce Loyalty.

You are going to love the experts I’ve lined up for you and the community of participants that always gathers around this series. SO fun. 🙂

How can you create opportunities for people to connect and engage with each other as part of your business? Would love to hear your ideas!

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