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Top 10 Ways a Maverick Mom Can ENJOY the Season!


I’m about to share this with my newsletter readers from another site I run and thought you might enjoy it as well!

No doubt about it. The last minute push to Christmas can leave us feeling exhausted and rather grinchy by the time the day arrives. As one of my friends said to me, “If it is the hap-hap–happiest time of the year, why do I feel so grumpy?”

My experience (and the experiences of my clients, my friends and my family) tells me that it is usually because we don’t slow down long enough to savor the holiday and once it’s gone, it is gone. So, I am going to offer some of my top ideas for taking the time to relish this time and revel in the most majestic of celebrations. Are you ready?

#10 – One night between now and New Year’s, order pizza from your favorite delivery place. Set up some games (a deck of cards will do), unplug the television, the computer, the gameboy, the ipod, the cell phone and any other electronic communication devices and enjoy uninterrupted time with family and friends. Yes, you will get snide remarks and dramatic protests from your teenagers. You’re the parent – override them. This is an investment of time that has a limited opportunity.

#9 – Pop in a Christmas movie for the children at home and slip away to the bath. I’m not advocating using the tv as a babysitter all the time. Recharging your batteries with a hot soak will make you a better mommy during the long days before school starts again.

#8 – Have your own candelight service with your favorite songs and readings.

#7 – Make a batch of cookies for a neighbor or the nursing home. You can use the slice and bake kind from the store. When you show up with them, no one will care how you made them.

#6 – Speaking of nursing homes, take your family to carol nursing home residents. This is a very lonely time of year for many residents and your bright smiles will make their day. You can even go after Christmas.

#5 – The day after Christmas, ask your children to make room for their new toys by going through their old ones and choosing some to give to a family shelter. Sharing with those less fortunate is a lesson that will stand them in good stead.

#4 – If you are frantically wrapping gifts at the last minute, what can you do to make the experience better? Sip something wonderful? Listen to the Vienna Boys Choir? Light a wonderfully scented Christmas candle?

#3 – Read the Christmas story or your favorite Holiday Reading¬†as a family. It really doesn’t take very long and can be the beginning of a beautiful family tradition.

#2 – Give up the idea that you have to create a Christmas feast worthy of Martha Stewart. She has about 50 staff members and never cleans her own kitchen. Who cares if it doesn’t look like a magazine spread. The important part is that everyone feels warm and loved.

#1 – Remember the Reason For The Season. Find a still moment to quiet your heart and rejoice for YOUR reason for this season.


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