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#TweepleTuesday began one day a little over a month ago when I realized that there were people I was tweeting with who would enjoy knowing each other. So, being the well-trained southern hostess that I am, I started introducing people. “@Deb, please meet @Joe. You are both great copywriters and you are super funny, so you should know each other.”

Then other people thought that it was a fun idea, so we did it for a few more Tuesdays. Then we took the big step of actually adding a hashtag – and so #tweepletuesday was born.

#tweepletuesday is different than #followfriday in that, instead of tweeiting out lists of people to follow, you actually take the time to introduce one tweep to another tweep, tell them why you think they should connect and then step out of the conversation.

Also, some of my very fun friends like to spin great tunes during the event and @aceconcierge passes around great virtual food and drink. So, we have a ton of fun while we are networking.

So, If you want to play, start introducing people and hastag it with #tweepletuesday. And if you are introduced to someone, engage in converstation with them. As I like to say, following someone on twitter is like being at the same HUGE cocktail party. Being introduced is an invitation to have a conversation and, perhaps, form a relationship.

Hope we will see you there!

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