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The Under-rated Value of Contentment


Some time ago I tweeted out about how we undervalue contentment in our lives. I was surprised by some of the feedback that I received on that.

Many people said they felt like being content was akin to settling or not growing or giving up .

Hrmmmmm….not my idea of Contentment at all. So, I decided to look it in the dictionary to make sure I had my definition straight.  Here’s what I found:




the state of being contented; satisfaction; ease of mind.

Archaic. the act of making contentedly satisfied.
Synonym: 1. See happiness.
I thought the Antonym was MOST interesting:

1. dissatisfaction.

I don’t know about you, but I need all the “ease of mind” I can get. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t want more, or that I intend to stay at a standstill. In fact, quite the opposite. I plan on doing a LOT!

So, using the above definition, it seems I have a choice. I can leap up, stretch and grow from a place where I feel “ease of mind” or I can do it from a place of “dissatisfaction”.

As I let the energy of those two choices ping around inside, “ease of mind” feels like it is drawing me forward, almost effortlessly. “Dissatisfaction” feels like I am struggling, pushing, grabbing.

This metaphor just came to mind: imagine going to the grocery store starving (ok I’ve done that more than once). I zoom through the store, grabbing stuff and throwing it in my basket looking for the quickest, and probably not the healthiest, way to satiate my hunger.

Contrast that with going to the grocery store not starving but with a content tummy. When I do that, I make more thoughtful choices about what I put in my cart. I can take my time without the urgency of hunger forcing me to hurry and clouding my judgement.

If I look at my business – and my life – that way, I’d rather push the shopping cart feeling content, choosing only what I really need – no more and no less.  So I think I’ll work on cultivating my contentment.

What say you about contentment? You know I am dying to hear. 🙂

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