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The UNMediocre Don't Slack Off


I know – it’s the holidays. Both of my children are out of school. My house is a wreck of post-Christmas celebrating. I have a TON of non-work things to do.


If I want to rise above the mediocre with my business, I have to blast out of the gate come the first of January. Which means that somewhere between the tenth load of laundry and riding bikes with The Young Turk, I am:

– Writing (you’ll know what it is I’m writing a bit later. Don’t want to spoil the surprise!)

– Putting together the details of my 2011 live event in Atlanta.

– Crafting a sign up page for something fun and free for you.

– Immersing myself in the TEDx how-to’s so I can organize TEDxRedMountain.

– Putting together my “Year In Review” to share with the Tribe.

– Breaking my vision for 2011 into action items for each quarter of next year.

I know – it sounds like a lot. It isn’t really. It just means I give up vegging in front of the television when all the turks are asleep in bed. It means getting a little extra help from my favorite babysitter. It means coordinating with Papa Turk so we both have time to get things done.

In short, it requires some effort and a little sacrifice on my part.

To me, the payoff will be worth it. I will be at the top of my game when January 1 rolls around instead of running to play catch up.  Once it starts, that running never stops and can last an entire year. I know because I’ve done it.

So, here is my challenge for you: What one, two or three things can you put some time into this week so that you blast into 2011 at the top of YOUR game? Would love it if you would share in the comments. 🙂

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