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Want a Playbook for Putting Together a Successful Guest Blog Series That Will Increase Your Traffic, Strengthen Your Connections and Establish YOU as the Definitive Leader of Your Right Tribe?

Here it is!

PLEASE NOTE: Because the Playbook comes with private, one-on-one coaching with me, I must limit Playbook availability to SIX COPIES.

If you are an entrepreneur, author or messenger who has a blog…

…How much time and energy are you pouring into writing incredible posts for your blog?

…Are yourresults (new subscribers, traffic, comments) worth all of your efforts?

…Do you want to be viewed as an expert but don’t know how to “get on the radar?”

Here’s how to “Power Up” your blog so you get the results you are after!


A Playbook for creating and curating a magnetic guest blog series that takes you and your blog to the next level.

Keeping a blog going can be exhausting, don’t you think? Unless you are already an established expert, it’s incredibly disheartening to do all that work for just a trickle of traffic and non- existent comments.

You want your blog to powerfully connect with your readers and engage them with your message. But it’s just not happening and you don’t know what to do about it.

You’ve tried most of the traffic generating suggestions recommended by the experts. You hope people will read your posts. You hope your tribe will somehow find you. You hope the right strategic partners will notice you. You hope for traffic and comments.

The Escaping Mediocrity blog is moving into its third year and I’ve curated three incredibly successful guest blog series. My series have increased my subscribers by 20-30 % each time, increased my traffic 300% each time, garnered hundreds of comments on single posts each time and solidified my relationships with my tribe and with incredible strategic partners each time.

Here’s what I’ve learned about blog strategies:

===> Establishing yourself as an expert and as the leader of your tribe is THE name of the game for your blog

===>  Leaving well-written, thoughtful comments on other blogs may or may not generate traffic.

===>  Most A and B List bloggers aren’t willing to let an unknown blogger guest post for them.

===>  Other people retweeting or sharing or liking your posts may or may not encourage comments.

===> A guest blog series builds connection and relationship with your tribe AND with strategic partners.

===> A guest blog series will increase your traffic, your comments and establish you as a go-to resource IF you know how to put one together the right way.

So, are you ready to Power Up your blog?!

Power Up Your Blog is a Step-by-Step Playbook (complete with templates) That Will Put Your Blog On the Map Once and For All.

You can keep doing the same things you are doing (and reap the same results) or you can Power Up Your Blog with a guest blog series and play at the level you know you are meant for.

Here’s the ROI for the Power Up Playbook:

===> Get a guest blog series organized and executed with very little stress (can’t say no stress, cuz that would be lying.)

===>Pick a sizzling theme that highlights your area of expertise, while garnering more attention, more traffic, and more subscribers for your list

===> Know how to comfortably invite potential guest posters using my invitation email as a model.

===> Setup your sign up page the right way so that you increase subscribers 20% or more. (I even give you the autoresponder I use that practically doubles the number of sign ups I get.)

===> Get most of the work done on your series before it ever launches so you can focus on the experience you are creating for your guest authors and your tribe.

===> Maximize engagement and traffic by laying out your posts using the exact same template I use.

===> Keep the overwhelm at bay with a step-by-step process that tells you exactly what you need to be doing and when you need to be doing it.

===> Get private, one-on-one coaching with me to ensure your Blog Series is the best it can be.


Blog Power Up: What am I Getting Into?

I’ve set this program up in step by step modules for curating a guest blog series. I will post a new module once a week (so you get the work done on each module before taking on new tasks – I know how you are!).

The modules look like this:

 Module One: What do I talk about? I’ll lead you through some eye-opening exercises that will help you uncover your Bold, Outrageous and Provocative theme for your blog series. The theme you choose will be reflective of you and your message AND that will engage your right tribe.

 Module Two: Who’s going to do this? I’ll teach how to identify the right bloggers for your series, how to build relationships with them before it’s time to ask, exactly how to ask them when it is time (I’lls hare the email I use) and how to get what you need when you need it from your guests.

Module Three: How am I going to make this work? I’m giving you my step by step process for setting up your series, including the template for your sign up page, the auto-responder I use that almost doubles my sign ups, copies of ALL the emails I sent every single day of one of my series (32 emails), and a blueprint for setting up your blog posts for maximum engagement.

Module Four: Are you sure this is going to be almost effortless? I’ll keep you from tearing your hair out before your series begins by sharing my master planning timeline, how to employ the right automation, and my personal Do’s and Don’t Tipsheet that will keep you from making the major beginner mistakes I made.

Appendix 1: Case Studies

I’ve got several clients who’ve curated uber-successful blog series using what I’ve taught them. You’ll get to hear from them first hand on what they did, what went well, lessons learned and their best practices.

Appendix 2: My recommended resources for making your guest series as effortless as possible, including the e-book I created and charged money for at the end of my first series.


The Power Up Playbook includes:

– Training Videos for each module

– My sign up page template

– My blog post template

– The exact email I use to invite potential guest posters.

– My guest poster follow-up email outlining exactly what I need by when.

– The auto-responder I use to easily double the number of series participants.

– The 30 Days to Changing Your Game E-book that I created (and charged money for) once the series was over.

– Case Studies

– The entire set of emails I sent to participants every day of one of my series (32 emails in all).

All of these downloadable documents will be housed on a password protected site so that you can easily access them.

PLUS a very special bonus!

Because I want to share as much of my experience as I can with you, I am including a personal 45 minute, one-on-one coaching session with me as part of your Playbook Experience. We can use this call to tease out your theme, brainstorm on guest authors, layout your strategy – whatever help and guidance you need from me. ($200 value)

And ANOTHER Bonus!

I love rewarding decisive action, so if you raise your hand for this initial Power Up Group, I’m going to give you instant access to my signature “Wuffa Dust” program on Building Meaningful Online Relationships. ($97 value)

The simple 4-part video series, complete with awesome worksheets, will give you a much bigger audience to talk with when you are ready to launch your Blog Series.

You will have instant access to this bonus as soon as you step up and say YES!


So…….what’s it going to cost me?

Here’s the thing: my colleagues who have reviewed what I’m offering told me to charge at least $1000 just for the Power Up! Playbook.  But I believe in over-delivering on value and keeping my pricing at a reasonable level.  So, I’ve put together a package that is worth over $1250 in real, street-value  content.

You get:

=> The Playbook (that I could easily charge and get $1000 for)

=> A private, 45 minute, one-on-one coaching session with me ($200)

=> My Building Meaningful Online Relationships/Wuffa Dust Program (a $127 value)

Total package is worth a minimum of $1327.

I guess I could do the typical “Save 20%” pricing that I see so often, but that doesn’t feel right to me. I want you to feel like you are getting AMAZING value for your hard-earned dollars!!

So, I’m pricing all of the above at $757.

And if you’re a Johnny-On-The-Spot, Pay In Full kind of person you can save $100 smackeroos

SIX Copies Available!



Pay In Full – $657
(And save $100!) 


Three Payment Plan

$252 now and $252 a month for the upcoming two months

You’ll receive access instructions to the Members Only site upon payment completion. 


It’s time to say “Sayonara”  to all the stress and exhaustion of trying to get your blog noticed.

It’s time for an easy to follow plan of action that grows your list, increases your traffic, promotes engagement and positions you as the leader of your tribe!

BUT, I know you may still have questions rattling around in your head about this…

I’ve been running the Escaping Mediocrity blog for almost three years and coaching entrepreneurs for even longer than that.  Even the best and brightest of my clients STRUGGLED to attract the right traffic, the right strategic partners, and the right tribe. One of the things I do in my Private Studio Mastermind is address these struggles by laying out exactly how to curate a guest Blog Series.

But spots in my private mastermind are limited. And it’s full.

I developed the Power Up Blog Playbook to give authors, messengers and entrepreneurs like you an honest to goodness,  do-it-yourself playbook. It’s affordable, easy, and fun AND is made for people who are committed to having a blog that truly reflects who they are and attracts the tribe they are meant to lead – instead of a blog that is loaded with gimmicky traffic generators.

I also know that doing a guest blog series sounds either 1) big and overwhelming or 2) something you don’t need any help to execute. So, let’s talk about these and other concerns, okay?

Question: Curating a guest blog series sounds great and all but it also sounds like an enormous undertaking. How can I curate my own series and still have time to run the rest of my business?

Answer: Because you will have so many of the pieces done for you (email copy, sign up page templates, blog post templates and more), you will save a ton of time and effort in making a blog series happen.  I won’t lie though. It will require time and focus. If you are happy with the results your current investment of time and energy are giving you, Power Up probably isn’t for you.

Question: Why should I invest in your product? I can look at other blog series and figure out how to do it myself for free.

Answer: Yep, if you’ve got that kind of time on your hands, you can absolutely do it that way. But, you won’t have the inside view of exactly what needs to happen and when, plus my exclusive Lessons Learned Tip Sheet that will keep you from making many of the rookie mistakes I made. If you do things better when you do them by trial and error, Power Up isn’t right for you.

Question: I don’t really know anyone on the web. Can I still curate a successful blog series?

Answer: I’ve got you covered. It’s true that without any relationships to start with, you can’t build a successful Guest Blog Series.

But in this initial offering of Power Up!, I’m including my signature Wuffa Dust program that teaches you how to build more meaningful online relationships. This four-part video series, complete with worksheets, will help you build an audience to talk with once you are ready to launch your blog series.

Question: Does my guest series have to be 30 days long?! That sounds like forever!

Answer: I totally agree. I’ve had clients curate blog series that lasted 10 days, happened quarterly, were once a month posts, a video series – you name it. Once you master the basic building blocks of putting a series together, you can be incredibly creative in how you deliver it.

Kind Words from Happy People I’ve Helped:


“A blog series has many moving parts and Sarah’s Blog PowerUp Playbook is comprehensive and easy to follow.  One of the things I get hung up on is the planning and figuring out timelines of a project like this, and having solid information from Sarah took the guesswork (and stress!) out of it. I’ve increased my list by 15% (and my series is not done yet)and with the Blog PowerUp Playbook strategies and tips, I’m already starting to plan my next series!” ~Danielle Miller

Judi Knight

“Thanks so much for getting me going in my Big Dog Blog Series.This series was a hit for me. I had over 90 comments on my post which is 3000% more than I have ever gotten before on one post. My traffic went up 300%. But the sweetest part of the series was with the relationships that I made and deepened with the Big Dogs,  those who participated and those that couldn’t do it this time, and the relationship with the readers both old and new to me.

It was a great entree into including this type of content on my site in addition to my tutorial posts.  Doing the series stretched me and deepened my confidence.

Thanks for taking part in so many ways. I appreciate you!” ~Judi

“When it comes to social media – Sarah is by far the best in teaching people how to truly build meaningful (and profitable!) relationships online.  I was so impressed with her work that I actually hired her to privately train my entire team.  They’ve been rocking it online and focusing on creating key connections ever since. “~Chelsea Moser, Solamar Marketing

Elizabeth Marshall“With razor-sharp accuracy, Sarah knows how to find the ONE THING that’s holding you back from growing your business or brand in a bigger way.

Which is significant…because until you uncover that ONE THING, you’ll spend enormous amounts of time, energy and money on strategies or tools that won’t produce the results you want. Don’t do that.

Instead, hire Sarah to help you SHIFT your business in a tangible, results-driven way and light the path to more followers, more clients and more impact.

With Sarah’s help, I experienced a major breakthrough for my business and I’m confident she can help you do the same.” ~Elizabeth Marshall, www.Author

Lisa Robbin YoungThey say the sharpest knife can’t carve its own handle. As a coach myself, it’s tough to find someone who can get inside my head and coach me through my own blocks. Sarah is that person. She gets me, understands my goals and needs, and isn’t afraid to kick my butt when I need it. In two sessions, we were able to clarify a new business division and took it from idea to income in less than 60 days. If you want results, Sarah delivers.

Sarah’s not just about “the money side of things”, either. What I most appreciate about Sarah is her ability to understand the entire human equation of being an entrepreneur. My business isn’t who I am, it’s an extension of who I am, and Sarah understands that intimately.

If you are serious about getting unstuck, taking your best work and making it even better, you need to work with Sarah. Period~Lisa Robbin Young

Stop pouring your heart and soul into your blog without experiencing the results you crave.   The Power Up! Playbook Is Your Blog’s New Secret Weapon!

With the Power Up! Playbook in your arsenal, you can’t mess up your guest blog series. You will create a guest blog series that reflects your core message, attracts your right people, builds your right tribe and established you as their thought leader.



SIX Copies Available!

Pay In Full – $657
(and Save $100) 


Three Payment Plan

$252 now and $252 a month for the upcoming two months.

You’ll receive access instructions to the Members Only site upon payment completion. 





P.S. I used the Power Up! Playbook to curate 30 Days to Changing Your Game, 30 Days to Creating Irresistible Presence and 28 Days to Getting Your Sh*t Together. I didn’t have anything to use a guide to bring me the results I was after – but YOU do! So hop to it and try Power Up! so you can take your business and your blog to the next level.

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