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What Extraordinary Communities Share


I’m neck deep into my research on extraordinary communities. I’m learning SO much as I read, ask questions and explore the fabric that holds communities together and adding it to all that I already know from my own work over the past 15 years.

YOUR ideas and suggestions have led me to some wonderful examples that are fascinating – so thank you for offering up your unique knowledge and experience.

At the moment, I’m compiling a list of the thing –  the quality, the feeling – that sets an extraordinary community above and apart from others.  I will share the beginning of my list here.  As always, I would love it so if you would add to the list in the comments. I’m always enriched by the way you think. 🙂

What Extraordinary Communities Share – The Beginning of a List
(In no particular order)

– A Common Passion

– An inclusive environment

– Trust/Safety

– Empowered

– Fosters relationship

– Shared values

– Commitment to each other

– Engagement

– Honesty

– Uplifting

– Easy to Identify Into and Join

– Supportive

– Generous

– Relevant

– Inspirational

– Belonging


– Pride

– Sense of History and Legacy

I have more – but I will stop here and let you add to the list. 🙂


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