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What I Can Do For You and Your Business


I’ve written and deleted a version of this post three times this morning. My coach handed me the challenge of talking about the kinds of results I can deliver for my clients and I simply can’t seem to do it.

It’s not that I don’t deliver results. My clients tell me all the time how their businesses are different because of the work we’ve done together. And they will tell you, too – just scroll to the bottom of the Irresistible Presence site and you can read what they have to say.

But ask me directly what results I deliver and I balk, stammer and can’t make virtual eye contact.

In thinking about the many reasons for this extreme discomfort, I’ve come up with two thoughts:

1) I REALLY don’t want to sound like I think I’m all that and a bag of chips. There are enough of those people in this world we inhabit.

2) I’ve never seen myself as an Expert with a capital “E”. I’m just somebody who works really hard, listens to some really awesome people who are willing to give me really awesome advice and shares what I’ve learned about business strategy with my clients.

It also makes me feel like I’m gonna throw up to talk about myself in this way, which is a sure sign that I have to “damn the torpedoes” and do it anyway.

So here it goes – ACK! (And here’s the thing you need to know: I’ve done and am currently doing all of these things with real live people. This is not some unproven fantasy list.)

1) I can help you figure out the intersection of 1) Your passion 2) Your skills 3) A Market Demand.

2) I can help you articulate what you do in a way that adds serious cashflow to your business.

3) I can help you get more comfortable in your own skin and share who you really are in a way that attracts business like a magnet.

4) I can help you narrow your focus to only the things that you are truly passionate about and let go of distractions that get in your way.

5) I can help you set firm business boundaries so that you only say yes to the things that will move your business in the direction you want it to go.

6) I can flat tell you when you are on the wrong track. In the most loving of ways of course.

7) I can show you how to stop the internal and external struggle with what you offer, who you offer it to, and how you communicate all that.

8) I can show you how to get relatively comfortable in your own skin and the powerful platform that real-ness is.

9) I can help you build a cold, hard business strategy around your passion that will actually bring you clients and money.

10) I can give you the tools for rising above all the noise in the loud, crowded marketplace out there so that your message, your “it” gets heard by your right people.

Whew! I held my breathe as typed all ten of those things. I’m sure my coach is going to tell me I left out a bunch of stuff but if I don’t press publish on this version of this post, I may delete and stare at a blank screen all stinkin’ day!

So I don’t feel quite so queasy about all this, in the comments I invite you to share one, two or ten thing that you do for your clients.

Oh – and if you want me to help you with any or all of these things in a very high-touch, you are the star environment, I invite you to seriously consider attending Creating Irresistible Presence in September. 🙂

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