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What I want this blog to be


I am working with the fabulous Shama Hyder – – to really refine the focus of this blog.  So I thought I would just work out my thoughts live, here on the blog itself.

This blog makes me happy.  Thinking about it puts a smile on my face.  I want others who come here to feel the same way.  I want to talk about smart, interesting topics, parent-related, business related and just plain fun related.  I want to give moms a place to unplug from the competitive mommy world.  I want to give mia moms some inspiration to be more present in the families lives. 

I don’t want political or particularly religious conversation.  Those are highly personal topics and I’ve watched blogs go down in flames over them.  But I do want to talk about spirituality – connecting to something greater than ourselves.  How do we do that in a rush a day world? 

I don’t really want to talk about celebrities much or martinis and cocktails at all.  I do want to talk about good books, fiction or otherwise.  And good movies – they are so rare.  And share my personal obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Coffee and Buffy are really my biggest vices – so I can talk about them ad nauseum. 

I don’t want to be a bitchy blogger  – that gets old to me and requires quite a bit of negative energy.  However, I do want to call bad behaviour bad behaviour when I see it. 

I want to highlight people and charities who are doing good in the world.  There is never too much good in the world. 

I want to publish audio, video and written interviews with interesting people – maybe they are moms maybe not but they have something interesting to say. 

I want to talk about how to be a good person in the world and how to master the skills of living – like how to apologize and how to teach our kids to apologize.  Important stuff. 

I want to share inspiring quotes.  I just love those.  I want to share resources that can help make our lives a little easier and better. 

This isn’t a Green Blog, though I would like to talk about how to do that without going broke. 

I’d like to talk about style – which is not the same thing as fashion (CoCo Chanel said that.) 

I’d like to share my experience with products and service providers. 

I guess what I really want to do is give us all the tools and inspiration to transform what we may see as just a common life into seeing ourselves as living extraordinary lives -without having to change the externals, unless we want to.  It’s more about our attitude, really, isn’t it?  And, I’d like to invite those who find it comfortable here to engage in conversation – not just with me, but with each other.

That is what I feel called to do with the blog.  And, hopefully, others will find that it fills a need for them as well.

Now I’ll have to ask Shama what she thinks about all this.:)

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