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What is “Generosity”, Exactly?


So, I’ve been thinking a lot about generosity and how it shows up in the online world we all operate in.  We hear the word A LOT – but what does it MEAN?

I’m going to share my 2 cents and I’m really hoping you will share yours.

In my relatively short time in the great big web word, I’ve experienced amazing acts of real generosity.

People helped me when I was in no position at all to offer anything in return.  I’ve hosted guest posters who gave so freely of themselves, their time and their talent that it floored me, I’ve had people step up and just do things for me, because they can.

I’ve also experienced a different, darker side of “generosity”.

People who only give to those who can “help” them get a leg up, people who don’t initiate generosity yet expect it of others, people who ask for generosity with no intention of reciprocating, people who use “supposed” generosity to keep their friends close and their enemies closer.

(And I could namedrop here with people you would absolutely recognize. But I won’t because that’s no the intention of this post.)

So it’s a tricky business, this whole “generosity” thing, isn’t it?

And yes, I know, we are to give from our heart without a thought of return and I totally get that. But I still think the topic is worth exploring.

So, I’ll open it up to you. What are your thoughts and experiences around generosity?


I’ve seen it touted as a “strategy” – which makes me kind of ill –

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