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What Do People Want From a Community?


Earlier today, I posted this question on Twitter and Facebook:

What initially attracts you to a community – online or off? What keeps you there? 

I asked it because I’m hearing a TON of buzz around “building a community around your business” but I’m not sure those who are buzzing have a clue what it is people are actually looking for.

So, I’ve pulled together some of the responses below to begin a conversation about how to build a community from the inside out. That is, building what it is people really want.


Diane Yuhas
dyuhas62 Diane Yuhas
@SarahRobinson Acceptance. A group that asks me to be an equal in terms of sharing expertise, not just someone to be ministered to.
Lisa Young
lisarobbinyoung Lisa Young
@SarahRobinson commonalities, smart people, the capacity for me to learn, grow and connect in said community.
Ted Kusio
DigitalWheelie Ted Kusio
@sarahrobinson A warm, open attitude toward all attendees; new, challenging ideas; thick layers of innovation and creativity…
Dana Reeves
DanaReeves Dana Reeves
@sarahrobinson it’s a fit if i make real connections w/ others in the comm – not just surface level, but the underpinnings of relationships.
Business Partners
BusinessPartnrs Business Partners
@SarahRobinson consistency in interaction. mutually mentally stimulating interaction.
Beatriz Alemar
balemar Beatriz Alemar
@SarahRobinson Feeling safe to voice my opinions and being heard are two things I look for in a community. An environment of “I get you”
Beat Schindler an invite. a welcome – from (some) community members. best 2gether.
Julie Vician Sincere friendliness. There’s nothing worse than joining and feeling like you just crashed a party you weren’t invited to.

I would love to continue this conversation in the comments below. 🙂 What attracts you to a community – online or off? What makes you stay there?

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