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What She Said


You know, I thought I was writing edgy posts. In fact lots of people have told me so. But you know what, my posts aren’t edgy. They may be slightly dark at times and push the envelope a little, but edgy? Nope.

Wanna know how I know?

Because my dear friend (I feel so amazingly lucky to call her that) Elizabeth Potts Weinstein writes edgy, gut level real elizabethposts. Her voice takes enormous courage and clarity – two qualities I am striving for and learn from watching Elizabeth in her Live Your Truth journey.

Her post today….all I can say is wow. She said so many things that I have thought for so long and am too chicken to say out loud. That’s right. I am too chicken, too afraid of the repercussions, too afraid of not being liked.

Today though, reading my friends words was like seeing a bright beacon in a very dark forest. I felt hope and courage and relief. Like everything was going – no – IS going to be okay.  I need people in my life who do that for me and I bet you do too.

Wanna read this post – the post that will now be the standard by which I now measure my own courage? Excellent!

Here it is:

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