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With Love & Gratitude – Lesson #1 from My Live Event


So I’ve cried about 15 times since Creating Irresistible Presence ended Saturday afternoon.  So many emotions. So much “whirly brain” as my friend EPW calls it.

There are so many lessons I learned over those three days and as they settle in, I plan to write and share them all with you.

But here is the biggest one – the one that is spilling over, the one I can’t not say right now this minute.

The love and gratitude I feel for those who surrounded and supported me as I moved through my biggest ship burning yet (and I did it standing there in front of God and everybody) fills my heart to bursting.

Put quite simply, none of it would have happened without them.

First – my family:

My husband, David, who put up with my singular focus for months as I planned CIP, who put all his skill and talents on the line as he negotiated and re-negotiated with the hotel venue and who loved me right through the entire thing, even though he is still very fuzzy about what it is exactly that I do.

My children who put up with a very distracted Mommy (and, yes, at times very crabby) while I pulled CIP together and who beautifully took care of their Daddy while I was in Atlanta.

My amazing attendees-

You had enough faith and belief in me to re-arrange your lives for three days to show up, be present, and trust in the work I asked you to do. You inspired me every single moment – inside and outside of that room – with your courage, your willingness and your beauty. I was so privileged and so honored to be among you and watch you take flight.

My amazing support team (otherwise known as My Three Right Hands):

-The one and only Chelsea Moser who took care of details I will never even know about, made the room look amazing each and every day and who has the chutzpah to get what the event needs, even after she’s been told she can’t have it. 🙂

Monica Waugh-Benton who stepped into her role of making things happen with such ease and grace. She made things so stinkin easy-peasy and effortless – it was a wonder to behold.

Brandon Sutton who, no matter what my crazy request was, said “We can make it work.” From vases to extraordinary A/V to well-timed laughter, he knew what I needed before I  did. Thank god.

My two dear friends who made a way to shine so brilliantly for my peeps, even though they couldn’t be physically present in Atlanta.

Chris Guillebeau – who, even with his cr-AZY book tour schedule, took the time to create an amazing video presentation. Except it really wasn’t a presentation. It was more like a conversation. Such warmth, such generosity, such love. Oh and it had really smart business-y stuff in it too. 🙂

Reese Spykerman – who, in spite of all her reservations, stepped up to the plate and created a teaching video that was so beautiful, fun, spunky and smart – just like she is. And she also flexed with persistent tech challenges and over delivered in her live Q & A. My peeps ate her up.

For my coach and mentor and friend:

Andrea Lee – who believed in me way before I believed in myself, who held the vision as I was buffeted by the storms of self-doubt, distraction and fear.  She also showed up in such a beautiful, joyful way at my event as she talked about money in the most loving and generous terms. So many take aways. Oh – and I think my peeps got some too. 🙂

And for my anchors, my rocks, my loves. My BFFs:

Allison Nazarian, who leaped tall buildings in a single bound to be in Atlanta with me and who, when I was certain the material I was teaching had no common thread or glue of any kind, turned to me and said, “Everything that you taught this morning is the perfect lead up to what I am about to teach.” And then she knocked it out of the park.

ElizabethPW who made me feel like my material was big and important ( I know, I know. I shouldn’t need that. But I do. The end.), because she wrote about how much it resonated with her,  who put her amazing video skills to work in front of the group with her amazing preso and behind the scenes because I needed her, and who told me EXACTLY what I needed to hear at the end of Day 1.

Elizabeth Marshall who refused to let me go over the Crazy Cliff no matter how determined I was to go there. Again and again she threw me a lifeline until I lifted up my hands on my own behalf and caught it. Oh, and the wisdom and brilliance she shared with the group totally rocked.

There is so much more to say about all of these people who lent me their strength, their brilliance and their love. Never faltering, never holding back, never not standing there lifting me up in unimaginable ways.

Without you, I would have never had the clarity, the confidence or the courage to put myself out there in such a heart-stoppingly big way.

I love you. I am so grateful for you. And I am forever in your debt.

Thank you for believing in me.

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