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The World Keeps on Turning


So I’ve just returned from a two week hiatus where a lot of things happened and a lot of nothing happened. Some of the things that happened are personal and some of the nothing that happened was very important and I will share in forthcoming posts.

Two weeks is a long time to be almost completely “off the grid”. And I will admit, I had some serious tech withdrawalunplug_Full symptoms and placated myself by spending time setting up my new Droid Eris phone. But without reliable Internet connection and spotty cell phone signals, I was pretty much forced to stay off the grid and unplugged whether I wanted to or not.

I learned two VERY important things:

1) The nothing that happened while I hung out with my seven year old son tops ANYTHING that could have happened if I had stayed on the grid and tried to work while I was away. Because I was fully unplugged, we spent our days filled with safari’s, pirate treasure hunts, riding bikes on the beach, and of course shark’s tooth hunting. (Writing the shark’s tooth post for Liz Strauss was the closest I got to working the whole time I was gone.)

2) The world kept right on spinning without me. My business functioned just fine; my tribe had a ton of fun (though I missed them terribly); and everyone is here to greet me today upon my return. Granted I am ready to dive into the big stuff I am working on for January and February, but I am not behind or in a panic because I was gone for two weeks. Pretty amazing.

So, I highly recommend a full unplug. I know two weeks is totally impossible for a lot of people. But try it for twenty-four hours – or even forty-eight and see what happens.

As always, I am anxious to know your thoughts about what it would take to do a full unplug from your business. What are the risks? What are the potential rewards?

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